6. 5. 2020

Why should we work out forearm muscles?

Because only specific training brings a significant improvement in performance!

We use the muscles of the forearms constantly in everyday life. Grasping and manipulating objects and tools is a matter of course, which we often do not even think about. Sports activities in which we use our hands, especialy our forearm muscles, far exceed those when our hands are relatively still.Running, football, some jumping disciplines in athletics, snowboarding or in-line skating, for example, do not burden our hands too much. However, many sports burden our forearm muscles very significantly. For example, it is sport climbing, mountain biking and motocross, tennis or some disciplines in gymnastics like circles or trapeze. During these activities, the muscles of the forearms are heavily stressed and overloaded. And even more so if we don't have those muscles in adequate condition. Skills such as strength or endurance are key to many activities and sports. And the level of these skills in hobbies or professional sports are even more crucial.

Practical example: If I do not have enough strength and endurance in the muscles of the forearms and decide to start sport climbing, poor performance and stressed muscles can quickly demotivate me. Mental exhaustion, loss of vigor and determination or physical harm such as congestion or overloaded tendons are not exceptional. And this can lead to an early end to all efforts. And that's a shame.

The development of forearm muscle abilities is an effective prevention and at the same time a useful activity. Appropriate strengthening is a safer and more effective way to our goals. It is also a way to engage in our favorite activity for a long time and avoid health complications. If we regularly devote our favorite activity and supplement it with general fitness training or specific training, our performance will grow faster. Of course the proof is professional sport. The training of a top athlete is much more varied than just constantly practicing the sport. It is the partial and specific activities forming a complex of activities that result in breathtaking performances, winnings or world records. Gripstick is a unique tool because it allows you to comprehensively train all the muscles of the forearms in the full range of movements. In terms of neuromuscular coordination and musculoskeletal system this is the best way to give your forearm muscles the care they need.

Thanks to its many conveniences, the modern world full of technology makes many activities easier for us. But they are still as easy and common activities as work with a computer mouse, which is very burdensome for our forearm muscles or the area of ​​carpal tunnels. It is essential to pay attention to compensation. You can find more about this topic in one of the other articles in our blog.

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