11. 5. 2020

Is the Gripstick also a rehabilitation tool?

Yes and no. Without expert advice, it can be dangerous.

Nothing is black or white. Post-traumatic conditions or other medical complications must always be discussed with a specialist. The attending physician or physiotherapist will determine if the Gripstick exercise is too burdensome or appropriate. In general, at a later stage of the post-traumatic condition (e.g., fractures) in the wrist or forearm, an increase in muscle strength is desirable and necessary to return to a training or racing load.

Health complications resulting from overloading the muscles of the forearms, such as overloaded muscles up to the form of inflammation, narrowing of the carpal tunnel or muscle stiffness and limited range of motion, are conditions where the use of Gripstick is extremely inappropriate. In these cases, it would only have a negative effect.

In any case, please contact an expert and inform them of your intention to involve The Gripstick in your recovery.

Below we offer you one expert view on the involvement of The Grispstick in rehabilitation.

"The Gripstick was developed to train the forearm muscles for off-road cyclists. It´s use is intended to increase the strength or endurance of the forearms. With this repetitive movement, we can also very easily overload the muscle groups. When using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct position of the whole upper limb and especially the shoulder girdle, so that due to poor posture there is no overload of other muscles and muscle imbalances in this area. Increasing muscle strength after a wrist injury, but this use should always be recommended by a doctor or physiotherapist. It is definitely not suitable for self-treating wrist or forearm problems. "

Kristýna Kolínová, Department of Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery Vysoké nad Jizerou

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