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11. 5. 2020
Is the Gripstick also a rehabilitation tool?

Yes and no. Without expert advice, it can be dangerous. Nothing is black or white. Post-traumatic conditions or other medical complications must always be discussed with a specialist. The attending physician or physiotherapist will determine if the Gripstick exercise is too burdensome or appropriate. In general, at a later stage of the post-traumatic condition (e.g., […]

11. 5. 2020
Forearm muscle compensation

Shortened or overloaded muscles increase the risk of injury and reduce performance! The positives of stretching have been known for ages, verified by a number of studies and many years of sports training. As a reminder, here are some undeniable benefits Injury prevention and deeper perception of movements Maintain or increase range of motion and […]

11. 5. 2020
Bike Coach Advice - The Gripstick on the bike

We should focus primarily on the endurance of the muscles of the forearms! On the Gripstick Facebook profile, I saw a number of comments and reactions that condemn Grisptick. Messages like "it's not related to the bike", "you don't need it", "it's enough if you do this or that" and so on. Coincidentally, the development […]

11. 5. 2020
How to train with The Gipstick?

Every sport has its specifics. And Gripstick is best for specific training. I don't need that, it's enough if I ride, climb, play ... Simply do your sport over and over. Is that really enough? If I'm an amateur athlete and I have no ambition to improve, then maybe that's really enough. But when I […]

11. 5. 2020
Why is The Grisptick better?

Nothing will limit us and even with its maximum resistance we can always have Gripstick on hand. The main benefits of forearm muscle strengthening include a firmer grip, greater strength, better endurance, greater speed, injury prevention, support and improved flexibility, better performance, blood circulation support, massage of tired muscles or relaxation and release from stress. […]

6. 5. 2020
Why should we work out forearm muscles?

Because only specific training brings a significant improvement in performance! We use the muscles of the forearms constantly in everyday life. Grasping and manipulating objects and tools is a matter of course, which we often do not even think about. Sports activities in which we use our hands, especialy our forearm muscles, far exceed those […]

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